Friday, March 16, 2007

lottery followup

So, two people picked the numbers correctly in that huge mega millions jackpot. I, myself, bought a ticket for the most picked numbers. I also tried one for the least picked. My source was the official database, from They had 1019 draws over 6 years available to me, so I put together a quick chart. The distribution was as follows:

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For those interested, here is the
chart for the "mega" ball.

So, 5,22,32,42,47, and I used the megaball of 3. I had to pick one to leave out, and that was 17.

For the least picked numbers, I used (discarding the numbers above 51 inserted in the past year to lower odds for all of us.

2,19,33,34,41, and 51

Well, the actual picks were

Mega Ball = 20

So, I matched one number, which wins nothing.