Friday, March 09, 2007

Lottery mentality

To sum it up: I don't want to win the lottery.

Yep, but I do put down the dollar here and there, it's a simple little thing that I can do to enrich my mind. There isn't any chance that anything will come of it - but it keeps you dreaming. Over the last year I have spent maybe $12 on tickets for the bigger lotteries, the multi-state, multi-hundred-million ones, and some for the smaller.

So, why? Well, it forces me to think long term. What would I do with money? What would I do if I didn't have to work? What if there was something I could do about it? And it helps you click things together, piece by piece. I know that I'm not going to win, and I don't give even a second thought to it when I don't. Sure it would be nice to match 2 or 3 numbers and win a few thousand bucks. THAT would help me.

But, $370 million just isn't a great thing if it were to happen to me. At that point, everything is different. Your friends go away, your family would use you. Well, not mine, but you get the point. You enter the place where security is an everyday issue for you, kidnapping is a possibility, and depending on your age, you can't take it with you anyway, so it really just becomes a legacy. You need to avoid lawsuits, driving, shopping, you better keep your sidewalk shoveled.

But, since I'm not running for president, I don't want the money. But playing the lottery makes me aware of the more likely things that could happen to me, like starting a successful company, or inventing something useful to the world. That's the thing, I need to be aware of all of these options, and that's what I'm buying for my dollar. So leave me alone.