Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Buyer's buyer's agent

I have the perfect description of my next house:

It's a loft, with high ceilings, and concrete floors, plenty of closets (not for me, for her), an expanse of walls that I can build storage on, a small bathroom with a large tub, tall windows, an outdoor terrace, no, a full yard for the dog, quiet windows that let lots of fresh air in, concrete floors for flexibility, decent appliances but not great ones, I might want to replace them, you know, a good location in the city, near coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants, an easy walk to the train, plenty of parking if I have to have a car to get to work, an active neighborhood, a gym nearby, a beach to walk the dogs (why not two?), and all this for $225,000.

Why is this so difficult?