Wednesday, March 29, 2006

real estate is the new food?

separating the have and have-nots? As a have-not, I am starting to agree, however shortsighted this sounds....from some guy at Curbed.

lessons from unexpected places

Sometimes you read something, or hear it from someone, and it is a bigger deal than it shoudl be. Someone who I once knew, and then recently found again on the internet, is going through a lot. Perspective sometimes comes when you don't welcome it, and this is what is going on over there, too much concentration and not enough big picture.

So, there must be a medium ground for advancement. Not everyone who goes out and makes a difference is a solitary introvert, yet there are only so many net hours available to go around. Is this what the opportunity to take a break from professional life known as academia is for? You need to devote to something, but not every venture that comes along. Lesson learned.